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What is the Opportunity Fair?

The Opportunity Fair celebrates and amplifies the NUF community and provides a space for Fellows, Alumni, Mentors, and Partners to connect and advance the conversation around public-service leadership during Homecoming. The core focus is on developing talent and accelerating careers.  


While these are the spaces dedicated to networking fellowship; we encourage participants to see the entire Homecoming event as a place to build meaningful connections.  


Friday, July 22 

  • Prospect Conversations 

  • Partner Expo 

  • Skill Enhancer

  • Professional Headshots

Saturday, July 23  

  • Prospect Conversations 

  • Skill Enhancer  

  • Professional Headshots

Prospect Conversations

Employers will have access to exceptionally qualified talent. As a leadership development organization, NUF is a talent incubator with a deep cadre of highly successful professionals holding advanced degrees in public administration or policy management.  


Employers will have space to meet with and interview eligible candidates onsite. To support these efforts, employers will have access to a Resume Bank of job-seeking Fellows and Alumni.  

Partner Expo

The Partner Expo showcases mission-aligned organizations and programs, allowing them a space to connect and share with the NUF community. Fellows and Alumni will be able to meet with representatives to learn about employment opportunities, services, and events. 

Skill Enhancer

Skill Enhancers are 45–60-minute topical experiences led by industry experts who are passionate about addressing the specific needs of the NUF community. Topic leaders will share critical information and engage participants in active discourse so that participants can leverage their experiences to think about the implications for BIPOC leadership. Skill Enhancers may take the form of focus group conversations, panels, round tables, and small group coaching.  


Topic offerings to include:  

  • Non-profit Board of Director service  

  • Economic empowerment through Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) 

  • Executive leadership development 

  • BIPOC focused recruitment in the talent space  

  • Sustainable leadership coaching  


Professional Headshots

A professional photographer will be onsite for participants to get updated headshots.



Contact Abena Osei to learn more or book time with Abena for a 1:1 conversation.  

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